BlueWave Broadband® FCC Licensed Radios

Neptune™ FCC Licensed Simulcast / Paging Base Stations

Voter System Features






Neptune™ Voter System, Narrow and Wideband channel proven. All signal quality measurements done in DSP. All signal mixing and selection done in analog switching. - With features like Analog and Digital Paging support, GPS Clocking, IP or wireline connections. The Neptune™ Voter and Paging System consists of a System controller, Radio controllers and Dispatch console NIU. Remote IP Management and Control is standard.


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Can be interfaced to almost any radio capable of discriminator connections STANDARD MODEL (Above) - and for transmit simulcast all signals are clocked through GPS to provide the most precise signal modulation.


PURC Control - The Neptune™ Voter has about everything you need to interface to a base station.

GPS Reference output - This allows for the ability to connect multiple units to the Internal 10 MHz GPS Reference.

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