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Site Surveys

Planning Ahead










Each site has unique problems or considerations - When planning a new path that will use an existing shared tower site, be sure to take into account all the hazards that may be present at that facility.


Not all shared sites are equal











This is not unusual - By using High Performance antennas, many microwave radios can easily co-exist on a shared tower site without interference, even with several radios using the same frequency. Planning for the ice and wind loads are also required, making the size of the antenna and proposed elevation, important factors in computing site rental costs.

A comprehensive site survey will include lots of photos and notes. Further research is usually required to determine any unique situations, even at sites without any other radio equipment. Some examples include special color requirements to mask the appearance of the antennas, or the landlord wanting all cables placed in rigid conduit. Proper grounding should never by overlooked.


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