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Base Station Features






Neptune™ Simulcast Paging Base Station, Narrow and Wide Band. The Lowest Distortion available in its class - With features like analog and digital support, internal delay, Standard GPS Reference, E-mailed alarm reports, 50 100 and 300 Watt versions, and your choice of bands from low band, mid band, high band, to UHF and 900 , even crossband are all available. The Neptune™ Base Station has a high intercept point receiver to protect it from intermod from nearby transmitters. Remote Internet Management and Control Options too.


Click here for the datasheet on this radio.









The rear of the unit has the interface connectors for the station control STANDARD MODEL (Above) - as well as the reference out for your test equipment to use the Internal GPS Reference since the GPS Reference is More accurate that the test equipments Reference.


PURC Control - The Neptune™ Base Station Line has about everything you need in a base station.

High Power - There is an upgrade option should you need 300 Watts of RF Power today or in the future.

Low-Power 5 Watt - This special order option allows customers to just fill in a small building or interface to other Amps.

GPS Reference output - This allows for the ability to connect multiple radios to the Internal 10 MHz GPS Reference.

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