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SDR Series™ FCC Licensed Radios

east-west configuration

Loop Redundancy is now economical in small systems

The SDR Series™ of Licensed Ethernet Radios is specifically designed to take advantage of the economics of Loop Redundancy or Hot-Standby. Each Indoor Unit (IDU) has space reserved for a second radio modem and companion power supply. For the cost of an additional link, you can configure your system for protection from path fades or possible equipment failure.


hot standby optionA Hot Standby option is available for those links not otherwise protected

With little effort, the same SDR Series™ radio can be configured to provide traditional Hot Standby protection, as shown to the left. This is for those special situations where loop redundancy is neither available nor required. Since all SDR Series™ Radios use the same ODUs, regardless of configuration, should your requirement change, the radios can easily be reconfigured for Loop Redundancy. We use a special coupler at the rear of the antenna to combine the two ODUs required for Hot Standby operation.


Are you ready for Loop Redundancy? The vast majority of systems in service today do not enjoy the cost and performance benefits of loop redundancy. Most topologies are star or chain, with the only option for redundancy is a second hot standby radio, thereby more than doubling the system cost. With new networks being designed to haul Ethernet, a variety of topologies can now be used, including integration with fiber. Many system operators are redesigning their systems to accommodate ever-increasing Ethernet traffic requirements. SDR Series™ radios can become the core of your new network, and older radios with less capacity can be redeployed to less demanding roles.

Ethernet, and a host of other interfaces. We designed the SDR Series™ radios for a wide variety of interfaces. We always provide Ethernet in either 100BaseT or GigE with optional 1000BaseSX fiber. In addition, we also provide at least two T1/E1 circuits. The T1/E1 circuits can be expanded in the frame up to 32 circuits. We also support up to two STM-1 electrical or OC-3 optical interfaces as options. The GigE interface also contains a single SFP Module option slot, to accommodate SX, LX, or copper terminations. Depending upon payload selected, latency can be as low as 0.19 ms.

Extended Warranty Services The standard limited warrant is two years from the factory ship date on all of our radios. Extended warranty service is available at a very reasonable monthly charge. Extended warranty includes priority overnight service within the continental USA. A more affordable repair service is available by prequalifying for the deposit and 30-day rental for a spare assembly, while yours is being repaired. There is a small annual charge for this service.

State-of- the-art management with SNMP Use your existing Network Management software such as HP Openview, SNMPc, or many others. This allows users to perform RF and SDH performance monitoring, alarm reports, element reconfiguration, remote diagnostics and more.

Adaptive Modulation When implementing an all Ethernet system, Adaptive Modulation is another tool available to improve individual path reliability. Should a path anomaly or an extreme cloudburst occur, shifting to a lower order modulation to boost system gain will maintain communications at a reduced data rate for the duration of the anomaly.

Split-mount or all-indoor installation. Our radio can split-mount for the highest performance or mount entirely indoor, with adapters available for wall or panel mount.

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