BlueWave Broadband™ FCC Licensed Radios

SDR Series™ FCC Licensed Radios

Dual 11 GHz 300+ Mbps Radio w/GigE Interface

BlueWave Broadband™ has introduced the SDR Series™ of interference-free Licensed Ethernet Radios for the US backhaul market. This line provides exactly the right mix of Ethernet and T1/E1 for Internet Service Providers, schools, universities, and hospitals. This radio is optimized for Ethernet with ultra-low latency, with either 100BaseT or GigE Ethernet interfaces. Using a split-mount design, the critical digital modem is indoors where it is accessible year round, safe from temperature extremes and tampering. The hardened outdoor radio unit is less than 11” in diameter, and the indoor unit is 1RU for rack mounting. Designed as a Carrier-Class product for +99.999% availability, this radio will provide many years of reliable performance. The IDU can be economically upgraded to support a second link for hot standby or loop protection, with the addition of the second modem/IF & power modules as shown above. The 16 T1/E1Expansion Module is also shown. Click here to download a PDF data sheet of this radio.

10 MHz
30 MHz
40 MHz
33 Mbps
100 Mbps
130 Mbps
42 Mbps
125 Mbps
160 Mbps
50 Mbps
150 Mbps
200 Mbps


Configurable System Capacity

Whenever required, you can expand capacity upon demand, subject to your FCC license. Individual radios can be easily reconfigured for different bandwidth and/or modulation from 26 Mbps to 311 Mbps, full duplex. Using software definitions, the SDR Series™ radios can program modulation from QPSK to 128-QAM on standard FCC channel bandwidths of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 56 MHz. No more stranded investment in radios with limited flexibility and capacity. We use the same IDU in all radio bands. Also, a IDU frame will support two radio modems, without regard of payload, band, modulation, or bandwidth, within 1 RU.

Configurations are available up to 1000 Mbps full-duplex throughput , with built-in fault tolerance for critical applications. AES Encryption is available as an option.

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